While working with Robocut Studio building custom LED controllers I had added a interactive parameter system to handle device configuration and operation. It was clear it should be its own library so I refactored it as a Arduino library for devices with wired or wifi network connections. It is particularly useful in a creative process where new parameters can be quickly added and manipulated in real-time.


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here is a simple example that uses a toggle to turn a light on and off at a desiered brightness.

// abbreviated Param example
#include "Param.h"
#define PWM_PIN 11
IntParam brightnessParam;
BoolParam lightSwitchParam;
ParamCollector paramCollector;

void setup(void){
    // setup int param with osc style address and min/max/default.
    brightnessParam.set("/light/brightness", 0, 255, 127);
    brightnessParam.saveType = SAVE_ON_REQUEST;
    // setup the boolean param
    lightSwitchParam.set("/light/brightness", 0);
    lightSwitchParam.saveType = SAVE_ON_REQUEST;
    // collect parameters
    // initialise websocket server

void lightSwitchCallback(bool b){
    // use parameter value with .v
    analogWrite(PWM_PIN, b ? brightnessParam.v : 0);

void loop(){
    // check for websocket messages